17 Aug

Network Related Tplink and Python

I’ve been trying to get this working for a while under rancid but haven’t been able to so decided use little python and whip up a script that will use expect and pull its config via TFTP on TPLink or even HP Procurve switches.

All you need is the following to get this working.
A Linux or BSD Based System
Will work with OSX provided your using Brew with Python 2.7.10+
Python 2.7.10+
TFTP Server
Python Pexpect
Expect 5.45+

Download Script for TPLINK and HP Procurve Switch Backups.

17 Aug

Network Related Juniper and Rancid

Since starting my new job back in March, i’ve had to pick up the slack and take on another role which including handling some network admin related tasks. One of the several projects included building Network system logging system along with a Network configuration backup system.  Years ago when I was working at a dedicated hosting firm, i was shown the network tool that we used to for backing up switches and routers.  This tool which I honestly think it’s the defacto standard in space ‘Rancid.’ Really Awesome New Cisco Config Differ  – it’s a tool that utilizes expect along with svn or git depending on how you set it up to log into your devices and pull a running configuration and store it in svn or git repo your changes. This will allow you to roll back any changes or to be able to bring new hardware back online should you suffer a hardware failure.  It’s a cool  tool made by these fine folks over at Shrubbery Networks.

One of the issues I was hit with getting it to work with Juniper Junos devices. While looking online, i discovered I wasn’t the only one hitting this problem. So a bit of trial and error I saw a group profile had to be enabled on Junos devices for rancid to poll for config changes what I found was the following worked in my case, and I hope it works for anyone else that get’s stumped on this.

Once you’re logged into the CLI interface in Junos add the following to create a Rancid class with the following permissions.

set system login class RANCID permissions access
set system login class RANCID permissions admin
set system login class RANCID permissions firewall
set system login class RANCID permissions flow-tap
set system login class RANCID permissions interface
set system login class RANCID permissions network
set system login class RANCID permissions routing
set system login class RANCID permissions secret
set system login class RANCID permissions security
set system login class RANCID permissions snmp
set system login class RANCID permissions storage
set system login class RANCID permissions system
set system login class RANCID permissions trace
set system login class RANCID permissions view
set system login class RANCID permissions view-configuration

Now lets create rancid user with rancid group permissions.
Now remember the password you set here as you’ll need it when you add this user into your .cloginrc

set system login user rancid class RANCID full-name RANCID authentication plain-text-password

Once you set this – you should be able to use jlogin with the information you set in .cloginrc

Hope this helps.

12 Feb

XBMC/KODI Tips and Plugins

Phoenix – the ashes of the old Mashup Plugin

One of the few things that enjoy tinkering with these days has been my xbmc/kodi appliances at home.  Amazon’s own firetv makes a great kodi box once you side-load few things to get it running correctly.

Latest Crase in the Kodi world has been IPStalker and Ruya both private Live IPTV serving platforms. IPstalker had a public beta and then switched to subscription based system it does show promise provided that it doesn’t get taken down by EVIL media firm. Ruya is more dedicated to more foreign and footsy programming also another subscription based platforms.

One platform that i will miss is Genesis it reminded me of the old Mashup plugin granted phoenix is great but Genesis was just brilliant had tons of great content and was easy to navigate though i hear its pretty much done and few replacements have poped up. Velocity, Salts and OwnCloud seem to be trying to pickup the slack only time will tell how long these will be up.



05 Feb

Lessons of Life

Lately, I’ve to notice that life is certainly to quote Forrest Gump is like a box of chocolates you’ll never know what you would get. So I’ve been working as a Pre-sales Engineer for a startup in the cloud space which I’ll leave it nameless. One of the hurdles that I’m struggling with is trying to work with sales people and keeping them in-line with what’s going on in the tech world.

When I was working in the field.  I had some dealings with sales people, and there were times I would brush them off and continue with my work, but if I had to deal with it, I’d just stomach just to be able to get what I needed to accomplish.  Now working on the sales side, i find myself stressing and struggling because the sales person is over-committing to a potential customer and later I would be the one that has to work with them in order to get past the shortcoming of the product.

Another aspect of the job which I loath is the fact of traveling around the country to meetings especially nowadays when we have collaboration software tools such as GoToMeeting and WebEx. If one is unable to present in a video conference, then one needs to look at his or her’s strategy of doing a sales presentation.

In the end, I can honestly admit that being in sales wasn’t exactly meant for a person like me. There’s always a reason behind things and learning this valuable lesson now allows me to determine my next choice.


07 Oct

THE Wonderworld of CLOUD-OPS

Well, this has been my 1st blog post in a while. My time lately has been occupied at this new job opportunity with a startup in the cloud-DevOps space. All the years in the field have led me to this opportunity to shed light on areas in the field that are often ignored.

As of now I’m learning the ropes of the product along with learning few things in the sales cycle.  An area that I was little weak on but with anything in life one has to take a chance and see if they can do it or not.

I’ve written my 1st blog post about our product and how it compares to its DIY counterpart which i can hopefully link to once it’s publish so please stay tuned to that .

30 Jul

Secret to Devops has been discovered.

Writing my 1st blog post since my departure from my last employer while trying to enjoy the rest of the summer while looking for that next great adventure in my career. These days i spend most of my time trying to catch up with old friends while networking with other folks in the IT world and one thing i’ve notice is that all mention “devops” a term that i stumbled upon few years ago which to this day i follow its theory its way of thinking and I also educate folks that aren’t aware of the movement mostly Head Hunters and IT recruiters that are tasked with looking for the so call “DEVOPS Engineer” “Devops Manager” “Devops” “DEVOPS” – WHY ??? and this is where i scream out loud

fat kid screaming

fat kid screaming






Now don’t get me wrong I’m not mad at them I’m just annoyed getting emails daily from these people looking for this needle in haystack because  the HR person wrote this job spec based on some notes an overworked IT Director came up with or someone from the Business Side read an article on Tech Blog that said “DevOPS” would solve all the business problems with shipping code faster. I’ve gone on several Interviews lately and the debate of what DevOPS is vs what it actually is… Truth be told very few people in the space have read “Gene Kim and Kevin BehrPhoenix Project which is the a great textbook on what devops is .. One of my favorite books on the subject.. Now back to my rant so i came across this blog post tonight on ‘read&write about the true secret to devops is actually people which sparked this blog post because it’s something i’ve preached about for years that’s the true secret to running a great operations and development teams  is having people that are great at what they do – by great i mean someone that is great at ‘ writing code, debugging code, testing, troubleshooting hardware, tuning hardware ‘ thats the key to a well oil machine that what i think but i could be wrong who knows? But i’ll leave you with the link to this post http://readwrite.com/2015/07/29/devops-people-not-technology?utm_content=bufferb454b&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

14 May

Fast Transfer using LFTP and SSH

lftp -u user,pwd -e "set sftp:connect-program 'ssh -a -x -T -c arcfour -o Compression=no'; mirror -v -c --loop --use-pget-n=3 -P 2 /remote/dir/ /local/dir/; quit" sftp://remotehost:22

Fastest segmented parallel sync of a remote directory over ssh
Mirror a remote directory using some tricks to maximize network speed.

lftp:: coolest file transfer tool ever

-u: username and password (pwd is merely a placeholder if you have ~/.ssh/id_rsa)

-e: execute internal lftp commands

set sftp:connect-program: use some specific command instead of plain ssh


-a -x -T: disable useless things

-c arcfour: use the most efficient cipher specification

-o Compression=no: disable compression to save CPU

mirror: copy remote dir subtree to local dir

-v: be verbose (cool progress bar and speed meter, one for each file in parallel)

-c: continue interrupted file transfers if possible

–loop: repeat mirror until no differences found

–use-pget-n=3: transfer each file with 3 independent parallel TCP connections

-P 2: transfer 2 files in parallel (totalling 6 TCP connections)

sftp://remotehost:22: use sftp protocol on port 22 (you can give any other port if appropriate)

You can play with values for –use-pget-n and/or -P to achieve maximum speed depending on the particular network.

If the files are compressible removing “-o Compression=n” can be beneficial.

Better create an alias for the command.


14 May

Upload to S3 via Bash and Curl

Uploading to S3 in Bash

There are already a couple of ways to do this using a 3rd party library, but I didn’t really feel like including and sourcing several hundred lines of code just to run a CURL command. So here’s how you can upload a file to S3 using the REST API.

This example uploads a gzipped tarball; you’ll need to adjust the content-type accordingly. And obviously use a real API key and secret.

file=/path/to/file/to/upload.tar.gz bucket=your-bucket resource="/${bucket}/${file}" contentType="application/x-compressed-tar" dateValue=`date -R` stringToSign="PUT\n\n${contentType}\n${dateValue}\n${resource}" s3Key=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx s3Secret=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx signature=`echo -en ${stringToSign} | openssl sha1 -hmac ${s3Secret} -binary | base64` curl -X PUT -T "${file}" \ -H "Host: ${bucket}.s3.amazonaws.com" \ -H "Date: ${dateValue}" \ -H "Content-Type: ${contentType}" \ -H "Authorization: AWS ${s3Key}:${signature}" \ https://${bucket}.s3.amazonaws.com/${file}



07 May

May OpenFormat

mayartwork Track Listing for May 2015 OpenFormat Part I
1.See You Again (SJUR x Dunisco x JeyJeySax RMX) by Wiz Khalifa Ft. Charlie Puth
2.Worth It (Missy Clap Intro / Clean) by Fifth Harmony ft. Kid Ink
3.Somebody (Dawin Twerk Remix / Intro) by Natalie La Rose Ft. Jeremih
4.No Scrubs (Gitelss and D&D Remix) by TLC
5.Trouble (Killshot Remix / Clean) by Iggy Azalea Ft Jennifer Hudson
6.Tempted To Touch (RMX / Clean / Short Edit) by Rupee
7.Uptown Funk (Jump On It Aca Out / Short Edit) by Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars
8.Blurred Lines (eSenTRIK RMX / Short Edit) – by Robin Thicke
9.Sugar (Teddy Cream Bootleg Remix / Dirty) by Maroon5
10.The Music Sounds Better With You (Luca Debonaire RMX / Cutdown) by Stardust
11.Sun Goes Down (Tocadisco Remix) by Robin Schulz Ft Jasmine Thompson
12.Prayer In C (Robin Schulz Remix) by Lilly Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz
13.CoCo (Benny C Frankenstein Edit / Dirty) by O.T. Genasis
14.That Drop (Original Mix) by FTampa
15.Dirty Funkin Beats (Dexterous Bootleg) by Chuckie
16.Kernkraft 400 (Cream Showtime Bootleg) by Zombie Nation x W&W x Henry Himself
17.90’s Gypsy Woman By Nature (Danny Diggz Bootleg / Clean / Short Edit) – by Crystal Waters vs Showtek
18.Outside (Intro) by Calvin Harris Ft. Ellie Goulding

02 May

the choices ones must make .. and obstacles

In the last year or so I’ve been in a rut when it comes to my professional career, so I took a major leap and decided to meet with a career coach to give me some guidance and advise me of the direction I should move along into.

So within the last month and half visiting with her in 3 sessions it’s slowly dawn on me that there’s people that follow someone’s tune and then there’s those that move to a different tune.. Sadly i’m one of those folks that moves to a different tune. Ironically one of my goals in life was to be my own boss and not let someone else take advantage of me and gain from it.

Now at this stage i’m trying to decided how i should approach this? Just food for thought for now.