13 Jun

the android experiment trial


So i’ve been holding off getting new phone in the hopes of waiting to see what Apple will introduce its next release of the i0s and Iphone hardware.  This Past monday Apple held its Developers Conference to show case up coming products including the new cylinder aka the mac pro workstation and new macbook air. We also got glimpse at the next OSX release Mavrick which features more ios features under the hood with few minor things. Now came time to reveal the next version of the ios the operating system that comes on the Iphone . As you can see from the screen shot above apple is heavily using the flat ui for this next version to stay with the trend of mobile apps which are using this format. I for one think its a total dumb idea they are taking design queues from Microsoft and few Other mobile vendors instead of doing what they did in the past which is be the cool kid in school with the fresh new look but instead they are just copying and altering few things.  So of the new so call features were things they pulled from the Android OS which was platform that was behind Ios in the beginning but now its Leap Years ahead of Apple’s Development i credit Google, HTC, Motorola and Samsung for spring this ahead to take on the mighty Apple Giant. From the preview and seeing a seeded dev1 version i for one can see that Apple is going to ruin this product with these so call display and ui enhancements.

So the next day i was at a local ATT store and decide to checkout the hype on the Samsung Galaxy S4 all i heard to date is how cool that phone is and how some iphone users started ditching to it. So i decided to pick one up and give a whirl to see what all the hype was about. Day 1 – I spent close to 4 hours trying to migrate my email, contact lists, calendar settings and few of my apps. The UI on the samsung device is great but when you’ve operated ios devices for 5+ years you kinda get use to that UI so it makes it a challenge to migrate to it. One of the Features i did like about the S4 was the Screen that thing is super huge and the video quality is beautiful makes watching videos and looking at images worth while.  The only draw backs i have about that device was the keyboard i tried the various 3rd party ones the google keyboard the samsung and last swift key one which everyone speaks volumes about but it still didn’t feel right for me when typing i spent more time correcting vs having it do it for me i guess it learns as you go and it hadn’t figured me out yet. EMail with providers like Icloud and Exchange can  be bit of challenge and event the supplied client looked confusing to me while the gmail client ruled it worked like the web app and it was easy to mange my email account on that.  Battery Life is quoted being the best on this Device but i didn’t see that i was half drained by mid morning just by using it for emails, twitter and streaming music over wifi on the iphone 4s i would be at half at around 2-3 in the afternoon but with this device it was 10am and i had to plug back in to charge it.  Another thing that bugged me was the fact Samsung and ATT load so much bloat ware on this phone which makes you appreciate the nexus phones from google which come with 0 bloat but there’s price tag for it.  I’m sure the android users will get at me saying you can root it and then strip out the bloat and get back the free space but – why should i have to do that it should just be nice and clean for me.  So once day 1 was completed i opted to just factory reset it and package it back up and return.  It’s great piece of hardware and i can see the really cool advancements from the Android OS but for me the workflow for email and basic things like calendar  didn’t work well for me so i went back to my old 4s. The camera feature on this phone looks great but i notice a ton of my pictures had ton of background noise while my iphone takes really stunning images not sure if it was settings or lighting issue but the Video Camera feature on it was very cool and reminded me of my old flip 720p.  I was able to return the device and pay a restocking fee but in the end i learned that i became what i use to make fun of the typical apple koolaid user fanboy.