03 Oct

Another attempt at an Apple iOS detox with LG G2


So instead of getting another IPhone i decided to give Android another shot but this time with the LG G2 smart phone.  Its currently at this time of writing one of the fastest smart phones on the market running the Android OS  4.2.2  . I decided to give another try after researching and talking to few other people who have been following this phone and much to everybody’s response this phone is 100x better the the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Iphone 5 and 5s.  One of the selling features to me about this phone was the fact that its display which is LCD IPS is very rich in with 423 ppi  pixel density and larger display then the current iphone and s4 . LG put a lot of time and effort into packing a very fast processor a quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 MSM8974 with a graphics processor Adreno 330 which blows away its current competition .  Even though the Iphone 5s has as 64bit os and A7 it still early to say if there’s any significant difference in performance it will be year or two before we start seeing more 64bit Mobile OS’s hit the market. I was truly disappointed that the only feature that apple was able to pack onto the current Iphone was finger print scanner and additional colors ?  One thing is for sure i wasn’t a fan of the new IOS 7 design when it was originally announced but after using it for couple weeks on my old 4s i did fall in love of its clean lines which is something i can tweak with android thats the main selling point of the android os is that every little thing is customizable to the user.  I was mentioning to  a friend that i took the plunge and bought another Android Phone and he had very great analogy on the whole thing  it starts off as i mention that i bought new phone and re-learning the android way of doing things .. His clever response “Oh no, the dark side. heh”  Then i told him i had kept my 4s while i try out this phone for the next couple days if i still didn’t like it i could always return it back and just pay the restocking fee. I felt that the new iphone5s wasn’t any different it just felt like they tossed new coat of paint and called it a day. While he followed up with this
“Its smooth as butter though.iPhone is like a porsche and Android is like a pagani zonda.”  which was a cleaver analogy cause it made me remember this discussion on Top Gear and Jeremy rants on about how Porche hasn’t really done anything similar to how apple hasn’t done much with the Iphone. 

So i’m on full day 1 with this phone after few dozen downloads from the Play Store and few tweaks i think i’m finally getting use to this beast lets see if i can detox away from APPLE and IOS completely .

I’m including screenshot of my phone’s dashboard organized similar to my 4s



“Running Nova Launcher and Prime”