10 Jul

New Kitten “Tinker Bell”

Our newest addition to our family – Little Tinkerbell which we officially adopted on my birthday. This little one was from

13 Jun

the android experiment trial

So i’ve been holding off getting new phone in the hopes of waiting to see what Apple will introduce its

07 May

MySQL Replication with Minimal Downtime Using Hot Copy for Linux

I was experimenting with techniques to initialize MySQL replication for both InnoDB and MyISAM tables without significant downtime. The idea of locking

08 Aug

Cord Cutting Story along with getting NFL Game Pass & Red Zone

You’ve heard this term as of recently due to the disputes with AMC + Dishnetwork and Viacom + DirectTV “Cord

10 Jul

Using ImageMagick to Generate Thumbnails

Having worked with web developers over time you need something to sometimes  perform certain tasks that would just take way

10 Jul

Find files that are writeable on the System by a User

When on a Linux system, and you want to find out what folders a user has write permissions to, use

10 Jul

Create bash server to run commands on using netcat

Create a Bash command server – You can send it scripts or commands to execute Allow to launch nc like

09 Jul

1st Post and a Tip Keeping files sync on multiple Linux Servers

Welcome to my blog its been a hot minute since i rambled about something so i leave you a cool