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Stuff I’ve learned over the years as System Administrator .. Few ways of doing various day to day tasks and ways to improve systems.

07 Oct

THE Wonderworld of CLOUD-OPS

Well, this has been my 1st blog post in a while. My time lately has been occupied at this new

30 Jul

Secret to Devops has been discovered.

Writing my 1st blog post since my departure from my last employer while trying to enjoy the rest of the

14 May

Fast Transfer using LFTP and SSH

lftp -u user,pwd -e "set sftp:connect-program 'ssh -a -x -T -c arcfour -o Compression=no'; mirror -v -c –loop –use-pget-n=3 -P

14 May

Upload to S3 via Bash and Curl

Uploading to S3 in Bash There are already a couple of ways to do this using a 3rd party library,

25 Jun

Stuck in Command Line but want to know how your team is doing in the world cup

So i was stuck debugging an application that forced me to be glued to cli. Unable to keep tabs on

31 Mar

iptables snips

iptables snippets iptables is the default firewall you see on any linux computer. It works by allowing (ACCEPTing) or denying

28 Mar

Useful Bash Aliases and Functions

The more you operate on the command line, the more you will find that the majority of the commands you

07 May

MySQL Replication with Minimal Downtime Using Hot Copy for Linux

I was experimenting with techniques to initialize MySQL replication for both InnoDB and MyISAM tables without significant downtime. The idea of locking

10 Jul

Using ImageMagick to Generate Thumbnails

Having worked with web developers over time you need something to sometimes  perform certain tasks that would just take way

10 Jul

Give write access to folders or directories to multiple users.

If you have a Linux server where the users home directory is used to serve files to the web then