10 Jul

Find files that are writeable on the System by a User

When on a Linux system, and you want to find out what folders a user has write permissions to, use the following command:

find/ -uid 48 -ls 2> /dev/null | grep -v /proc

The –uid switch holds the user id of the user you want to check for writable folders on your Linux system. If you do not know what the uid is of a user you can figure it out by following the steps below.
<span id="GRmark_97046c066c232042d4b1b4439e0fe5cded8c8339_id:0" class="GRcorrect">id</span> -u user

replace user with the username. If there is a specific reason you are looking for writable folders 😉 then a hint, you should be able to always write in the tmp directory.

  1. /tmp
  2. # or
  3. /dev/shm