28 Mar

Hackintosh build

So it became apparent that my old 2007 imac was unable to keep up with my work – i upgrade ram , replace hard drive still felt weee bit slow. It was Core2duo Extreme by today’s standards it was a snail. So i’ve been following discussion on reddits.com/r/hackintosh and saw few users rave about there latest hackintosh builds – granted i was familiar with the process and dabbled with it many many years ago during the  leopard days but i saw that the community behind it was still updating so decide why not. So i gather the details of what i was looking to do and went to the main apple site and spec out mac pro workstation – after 3 mins of drooling the stick price was way over my intended budget – something in the neighborhood of $4500 bucks .. No bueno for me .. so i took those specs and compared to list of specs at the TonyMac site and found a build that just seem right both speed and price wise.  It was the CustoMac Pro (atx) build  so i order my parts all from amazon waited couple days later 6-7 boxs later i’m typing on my latest new machine.  Now the question is would i recommend this to any one? Well that depends if your into tweaking things learning how things work then yes but if your the type that just wants something to work right out of the box and can’t wait for fix then look away.  Granted my system is very stable since i avoid installing un necessary things.. My key items that i needed on this machine were – Browser, SSH Terminal, Audio and Video Editing Light though and Some Graphics Editing like photoshop.  So far i’m digging it and learning few tweaks at the same time.