10 Jul

New Kitten “Tinker Bell”

Our newest addition to our family – Little Tinkerbell which we officially adopted on my birthday. This little one was from the outside from a feral mom – she had an upper report infection and her eyes were loaded with junk. We took her in to the ER and she was checked out and loaded with IV with fluids to get her to health and with shot of antibiotics she transformed into one of the most loveable kitties. We’ve debated about keeping her since we already have a 2 year old female cat “Sarah” which at times can be a handful but we wonder would both get along ..  The little one off the bat loves her adopted older sister “Sarah” she rubs up on her with her tail and runs to play with while Sarah is a bit cold to her but I think she’s not used to having to share her space with anyone else besides the dog but she’s been the queen of the house for 2 years and now sharing the house with little one can prove to be a challenge. I’ve read online that introducing pets can be a challenge and we’ve done that we keep the little one isolated in her own room for the time being so that Sarah can still function. During this process I’ve decided i would do my best to blog about it something i wish i did with Sarah originally so that i could have notes of what we do right and wrong with her.