28 Mar

The Return of the iPhone

apple-iphone-5s-silver-gold-black-540x334So i hate my self for typing this but i’m back on the iphone.. Yes the same person that did recent detox and went all in with Android.. Why  is the question your asking? Well  the answer i was updating my phone via my carriers latest update (VZW) and apparently an over the air update caused my phone to brick to the point that it wouldn’t boot up . So i took my phone over to the Verizon Store and tech support folks tried various things and still couldn’t get this phone un-bricked. Just my luck so at this point i was starting to loose my patience and was told that my insurance would replace my phone turns out that they didn’t have any Lg G2’s available but next best bet would be Samsung Galaxy S3 – i was like wait thats going backwards to slower phone i asked if i could talk to manager or supervisor so after talking with them we came to compromise that they would refund my money on the phone and i could use it towards new hardware so at this point as annoyed i opted to return to the Might Iphone in this case the 5s .. So your thinking well thats a good thing – Yes and No – Yes its iphone i have my apps and all my data pulled from the Cloud but then i have to get new charging cable and new case -etc etc .. After using both I’ve come to terms on what i like about both – for one thing The camera on the Iphone is bit more superior to anything on the Android Hardware unless that has change with the latest Galaxy S5 and Note 3 – The bluetooth 4.0 stack on the iphone is bit more refined compared to android but i’m hearing that in KitKat that this was resolved.  But one thing i miss is the ablity to swipe while texting and type just makes things easier.. vs the iphone and its awful auto correct. So do i see myself going back to the Android – possibly but only time will tell.