28 Apr

the other side of me… Yes i’m a DJ and Event Host

So its no secret that i have passion for music since i was young toddler. Before getting my hands dirty in the tech space I was a part-time mobile dj .. By Part time i mean working Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s doing various different events from Birthday Parties, to Life events such as Christenings and Weddings. Couple years ago i took break from DJing to focus on my career and my consulting business in Tech. It wasn’t till I met a client who became a great friend that inspired me to get back into music. So flash-forward 9+ years later I’m still heavy at it working for various companies in the Tri-State area and finally planting some seeds with my family at Ultrafonk Entertainment  . Along the way I learn from Various Different DJ’s and Emcee’s the different ways to Host events and proper business etiquette for dealing with clients when hosting events.

One of the things that I do in my spare time is that I record mixes and publicize them on social media. I’ve learned that this technique helps increase my marketable skills in the event hosting space by showcasing my music programming talents. A couple years ago I experimented with doing my own custom remixes and edits I was so lucky that one of my works was featured on a music compilation cd in Switzerland. Having my track featured on this compilation was a crowning moment for me. Now one of the things that I enjoyed with my mixes is some of the feedback I get from listeners. Some of the listener feedback that comes in is amazing especially reading emails from people that are in different parts of the world like from places in Asia, South America and Europe.

There’s one thing that I’ve learned that as a good DJ you have to be very open-minded and not be one-sided with musical genres. In the event space we take that pretty serious because throughout the night you’re playing multiple genres sometimes event playing music from different ethnic backgrounds and being able to fuse those together takes some skills. One skill that I still master to this day is kind of reading the crowd being able to determine what would work musical wise and what wouldn’t work but on occasion you get the occasional request from guest that makes you ponder whether you should play it or you shouldn’t play it because you know in that it would be a dance floor kryptonite.


So I made it a personal goal every month since the start of the new year to attempt to record at least one or two mixes a month and upload them to sites like mixcloud.com and mixcrate.com  but then I forgot that I have this website blog that I use for my tech ramblings. So I decided I am going to start posting my mixes on my personal blog as well as the other to upload sites. So I look forward to see if this helps increase some more views on my personal blog.