12 Feb

XBMC/KODI Tips and Plugins

Phoenix – the ashes of the old Mashup Plugin

One of the few things that enjoy tinkering with these days has been my xbmc/kodi appliances at home. ¬†Amazon’s own firetv makes a great kodi box once you side-load few things to get it running correctly.

Latest Crase in the Kodi world has been IPStalker and Ruya both private Live IPTV serving platforms. IPstalker had a public beta and then switched to subscription based system it does show promise provided that it doesn’t get taken down by EVIL media firm. Ruya is more dedicated to more foreign and footsy programming also another subscription based platforms.

One platform that i will miss is Genesis it reminded me of the old Mashup plugin granted phoenix is great but Genesis was just brilliant had tons of great content and was easy to navigate though i hear its pretty much done and few replacements have poped up. Velocity, Salts and OwnCloud seem to be trying to pickup the slack only time will tell how long these will be up.